Set of 3 Copper Hellebores


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Hellebore flower sculptures, made from beaten recycled copper and brazed to form a garden sculpture. Dimensions are 50-70cm high and approx 14cm diameter flower head.

Stalk made from recycled microbore copper pipe and reinforced with a steel rod. Flower heads are made from recycled copper sheet, small pieces of pipe and electrical wire.
Each flower is made from nearly 30 separate pieces of copper which are all cut by hand with tin snips and pipe cutters, cleaned, and sanded smooth before assembly and brazing. they are then pickled to remove the fire scale before spraying with 2-3 coats of exterior lacquer. These processes mean they are very time consuming to make.
Because all the copper is recycled there may be small dents, stamped numbers or marks remaining from their previous lives, but this does not retract at all from the appearance of these very pretty sculptures. Ideal gift for gardeners or 7th Wedding Anniversary present .

Finished with a coat of clear lacquer, but will gradually weather over time outside to develop a patina.

Each piece is individual as it is handmade and may vary slightly from the images above.


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